My first step and a new plate to spin…..

It’s April 1st but this is not a fool!

Spinning Plates‘  – my first step in sharing techniques and helping you get the most out of your life and of your business.

With friends, family or at work, I smile when I notice all conversations turn to the numerous items we have spinning in our minds: the activities to manage, the logistics to plan, the objectives to prioritise, the targets to meet, the decisions to make. The picture comes into my mind of us all with our own set of spinning plates – how many plates and how well they are all spinning depends on who I am talking with and also changes often.

I am Victoria Turner and I have a successful career in a FTSE 100 company focused on ‘Operational Excellence’ (aka. successful plate spinning).  Spinning Plates is here to help individuals and organisations be successful in their own ‘plate spinning’.

So my new plate is set up and I have given it it’s first spin….

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